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Here you can get your classic car radio converted to FM.
PCB AMFM 8.2 installed into your radio without any changes in appearance on your radio!
The output power is 4 x 45 W when operating at 12 V, negative ground.
If you have 6 volt electrical system with positiv or negativ ground mounted a drive inside the radio.
6 volt electrical systems cannot provide 180 watts! 6 volt radios can be converted with reduced audio specifications. They should not drive more than two speakers.

Many appliances are also in new production even truck radio Click on the link to AA'R website.

To order or request, contact me.

Mikael Rundgren  



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In memory of Ulf Benndorf

One of Ulf's favorites;

 Packard Carrabian 1953


Ulf talk with "Bosse bildoktor"
on radio history of technology



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